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Garmin watchfaces

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A beautiful watchface which adds some depth and offers a tonne of customization options for the user.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.

Not Enduro

A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


A huge hit on Fitbit - adapted for Garmin.


Simple and big but still showing the most important stats; that was the idea with this face.

Simple Simon

A simple but still beautifully designed watchface for the analogue lovers out there.


Another analogue watchface with all the important info you might need.

Fitbit watchfaces

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Visit the Lignite Watchface collection for Fitbit now

Gradient Bars

Watch your health goals fade in with Gradient Bars!

See seven easy-to-read stats on your screen, the back five of which will grow progress bars as you reach your goals.

Select from steps, calories, battery level, weather, steps per hour, distance travelled and more! Make an arrangement of beautiful gradients using our colour picker, which lets you select from 16.7 million colours.


Sticks is sure to Stick out on your watch... literally!

A clock with slick animations every time you raise your wrist, over 16.7 million colours to choose from, hourly steps, weather, battery, calories, and more, this clock is surely no "stick" in the mud.


Do you have mad stacks in your bank account? Doesn't matter - how your watch will be Stacked!

With two colours on the right that pop, and elegant stats on the left which animate in when you raise your wrist to view them, Stacked is sure to bring you a lovely time-viewing experience with all of the stats you need.

Fully customizable in settings, including hourly steps, weather, battery, heart rate, and more.


Time to colour your tiles with Tiler!

Not only is the name of this clock great, but its features and customizability are too. Create a wide-ranging array of colours on various tiles across your screen, along with four stats of your choice.

Customize your tiles with over 16.7 million different colours using our new colour picker! Select from many different stats, including weather, battery, heart rate, steps, hourly steps and more.


Drips is absolutely dripping with colours... and stats!

Drips is packed with eight stats, so you're always up to date on what you need to know. Along with a beautiful screen wake animation, stunning colours and lots of settings, Drips is a beautiful clock face that's sure to stun.

Squad Goals

The first step to improving your squad is by achieving your goals... with Squad Goals!

Squad Goals is a beautiful, stats-packed clock that has everything you need all in one glance. See the weather, your battery data, and most important health information right with the lift of a wrist.

Track your progress of a goal of your choice with our big progress bar, which gets closer and closer to that trophy as you get closer to your goal.

Pick the exact colour theme you want in settings, along with your data points: steps, hourly steps, heart rate, distance travelled, calories and more!


Upload any photo from your phone to FitPic!

Another customizable photo clock by Lignite, FitPic uses the full beauty of your Fitbit's display to show you one photo of your choice from your phone.

Customize the colours of any element on the screen (with over 16.7 million colours to choose from!), hide the analogue hands, watch the beautiful animations and more.

Tap the screen to scroll through your different stats, including hourly steps, distance travelled, battery, weather and more.


Loaded with data and beautiful as any Lignite clock face, Elements is the perfect "fit" for your Fitbit.

See your health stats in a beautiful row of elements on the right side, or the time in a large font on the left.

Change up the colours and elements within settings - literally hundreds of combinations are possible!


Get your gradient on with Gradio!

A sleek watchface that fills your screen with an array of beautiful colours, along with stats that all grow as you progress towards your goals, Gradio is sure to keep your eyes and your gym coach happy.

Gradio is packed with stat options, including: weather, hourly steps, battery level, distance travelled, steps per day, and more.

It's also got lots of colour options, step goals and more. Check it out!


Level up your health stats with Levels!

Levels is a slick clock that displays your favourite three stats with progress bars to see how far along you are in completing your daily goal.

Select from steps, hourly steps, calories, active minutes, distance travelled and heart rate. Customize your colours in settings!


Colourful, elegant and packed with data, Arrows is the perfect clock face for your Fitbit!

See 6 stats on your screen with the large time in the centre for easy viewing.

Customize absolutely everything in settings, from every element's colours to each arrow's data and more.

Basic Birch

This face is a real basic bit... I mean birch.

Keeping it clean and simple with Basic Birch, it shows you all the health data you want to see in fully customizable colours.


Perspective is going to give you a new perspective on beautiful stats!

Packed with beautiful colours gliding across the screen for all of the stats you want, along with easy to read time, Perspective is sure to bring a new life to your Fitbit.

Customize all of the colours, stats, and more inside settings!

Stats Analogue

It's time for a beautiful analogue clock with lots of stats... Stats Analogue!

With weather, steps for today, steps per hour, battery, calories and more, all with fully customizable colours in settings. You're sure to feel both classy and practical with Stats Analogue!

Control Panel

You're in control with Control Panel!

A clock inspired by classic LCD watches, but with all of the latest and greatest features of your Fitbit, Control Panel is sure to elevate your LCD experience.

Select your own photo in settings so that you can always be reminded of that special loved one (or hated one)!

Customize your stats between daily steps, heart rate, hourly steps, weather, battery and more. Also, colour themes! Select between dozens of colours in settings.


It's time to get COLOURFUL with Colourboard!

A simple, colourful and elegant clock with lots of stats, Colourboard is sure to bring your Fitbit to life. With fully customizable gradient colours in settings, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of combinations that you can try.

Along with plenty of stats, including steps for today, hourly steps, heart rate, weather, battery and more, you're not missing anything with Colourboard.


Fold up the time with Folded!

A one-of-a-kind clock that brings elegantly "folded" pieces of paper to your screen, displaying the time in a big font that is also cool to look at. Along with four customizable stats including weather, heart rate, steps, battery level and more.


Don't cut for Bieber, use Cut for your Fitbit!

One of our slickest designs to date, Cut is a sleek clock that shows the time in a bold font along with a cool animation that fires every time your screen turns on.

Customize all of its colours, its stats, whether or not to animate, etc! You can select from a wide variety of stats, including hourly steps, weather, calories, distance travelled and more.


Want your clock to finally have some Depth?

Look no further! Depth is one of our most in-depth clocks ever, with STUNNING animations, beautiful colour themes and tonnes of stats.

Select from weather, battery, hourly steps, heart rate, daily steps and more all in settings. Watch your watch animate every time you lift your wrist, and alternate between two colour themes by tapping on your screen.

Rise Up

Fitbiters rise up!

Watch the minutes fill up as the seconds go by, in this big-and-beautiful clock that displays all of your favourite health, weather and battery data with easy-to-view time that changes as the seconds pass.

Customize to your liking in settings - with many colour options and even a battery saver mode.


our Fitbit... now mechanical!

Our most animated clock to date - Gears brings your watch to life by randomly shifting between all sorts of different gears on screen.

With customizable colours, stats, gear animation modes, and more, you better gear yourself up for this amazing clock.


Make your watch flow with colour!

Colourflow has elegantly designed colours that flow across your screen. Fully customizable, pick your favourite six stats to view on top of whatever combination of colours you can imagine.


Cascade through your Fitbit's data with this simple and clean clock.

View up to five of your favourite stats on top of whichever colours you choose, all available in settings.


Time to get in the Holiday spirit!

This festive clock brings life to your watch, with a beautifully designed landscape that adapts to your sunset and sunrise. Watch the clouds drift by as the day goes on, or catch Santa himself pop up on your watch by tapping the screen :)


Motivate yourself with Motivation!

Create your own colourized quotes in settings. Tap the screen to reveal your four favourite stats, in a large font with progress bars, great for those fast-paced workouts.


Another classic watchface from Pebble is back on Fitbit!

Personal is one of our favourites - greeting you as your day goes by, while always showing you all of the information you need to see.

With weather, stats, date, colour customization, name and greeting customization, and more, it really doesn't get more Personal than this!


We're going to blow your mind to Oblivion.

An elegant face which is jam-packed with stats, progress bars, big & beautiful time, all while allowing you to customize EVERY colour on screen in settings!


Watch the time slide around with Slider!

A beautiful face, loaded with features and various lovely colours, Slider is the perfect fit for your wrist.

Switch between many colours within settings, choose the health data you'd like to display, and get sliding.


Put your hands up, health data!

We've got you cornered!

Clean and to-the-point, Cornered focuses on cornering your health data while keeping the time in the centre of the display in analogue and digital formats.

Customize all of the colours and more within settings!


Fill your Fitbit's screen with colour!

With Rainbow, your watch's display is lit up with twelve colours, that are fully customizable in settings. Along with weather, battery level, heart rate and more, Rainbow brings colour and functionality all in one clock!


Shape shift your Fitbit with Polygon!

Polygon is an absolutely stunning clock that moves along as the seconds progress. You can view weather, battery level, heart rate, steps and more all right from the three data slots provided.

Pick from twelve different polygon themes in settings, along with stat, colour and other options.

Colour Explosion

POW! Your watch suddenly filled with bursts of colour!

Colour Explosion is another beautifully animated clock by Lignite, rocking 16 different coloured explosions that randomly pop up on your watch when you raise your wrist.

Fully customizable in settings, change which explosion you want, your three stats, view weather, heart rate, steps and more!


Embossed is a dark clock that brings depth to your Fitbit.

With three customizable stats at the bottom, this is a simple but unique clock that displays the weekday, date, heart rate, battery and more.


Now that's Classic.

Combine the simplicity and class of the past with full colour customization and six scrollable stats and what do you get...? Classic by Lignite: with weather, heart rate, battery, steps and more!


Stick your favourite data to your watch with Tape!

A clock with large fonts for your health stats so that you can easily view your health goals as your day progresses. Along with battery, weather, the weekday/date and the time at the bottom, Tape is sure to stick on your watch for a long time.

Customize the tape's colour in settings along with your data types!


It's time to Lite up your Fitbit!

An elegantly designed clock that includes all of the data you need: time in both digital and analogue modes, the date, weekday, weather, battery data, heart rate, and more.

All data and colours fully customizable in settings, along with a few other toggles!


Turn your Fitbit's data into Cards!

Another colourful watchface that is packed with data, Cards brings to the table up to six stats of your choice, with customizable colours and the time in a large font for constantly easy viewing.

Pebble watchfaces (colour)

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Younique is the most personalizable face ever made for Pebble.

Upload and display up to 6 photos from your phone. Customize modules that display health info, weather, bluetooth and more.

Why this design?

The Pebble Time smartwatches feature a nice and crisp 64-color display. What's more personal than displaying your own photos / images and have the watch cycle through them?

There was nothing like it available so we decided to change that.

Mosaic V2

Mosaic is a watchface that'll be sure to pop, slide and live with colour! Utilizing every beautiful color possible, Mosaic puts a wonderful, random array of colors across your Pebble. Along with plenty of animations and big numbers so you can always see the time.

Why this design?

This was one of our first watchfaces for the - back then - newly released color Pebble smartwatch (Pebble Time) and I was looking for a way to make the most of the color display.


Have the watchface your way using this modular face you can freely chose which information you want to display and where. Our first watchface to make use of the new Pebble Health API.

Why this design?

Pebble introduced health tracking and I had to come up with a watchface which implements said tracking features also enabling the user to freely select where he wants to place with info.


Essentially is essentially all you'll need in a watchface. It's simple and clean, containing just the time.

Why this design?

My take on a rather simple yet still very stylish watchface featuring the essentials (hence its name).

Plain Weather

Plain Weather, although "plain", brings a simple and clean interface to your Pebble Time Round that you'll love.

Why this design?

I was given a preproduction Pebble Time Round ahead of its market introduction and asked to design a watchface which complements the watch.

Still one of my favorite watchfaces since it just so nicely fits on a round display.

Upside Down

A rather plain but yet stylish watchface. Displays the hours on top along with the weather (updated every 30 minutes), and the bottom contains the minutes inverted and the date.

Why this design?

Same situation as with the watchface before (Plain Weather): Pebble was looking for a watchface complementing their newly released Pebble Time Round Smartwatch.


Holidays is the perfect face for your holiday season! Beautifully designed for 3 states: day, evening, and night. You can see the weather as well before going out into those chilly conditions!

Why this design?

I was looking for a watchface which would best bring across the atmosphere and "magic" of christmas.


Beat is an attractive watchface with more than enough animations which uses it's unique "beatline" to show information such as the battery level or bluetooth status (or if you want, have it completely random). There are some very cool animations that catch the eye and make it look as if your wrist is actually monitoring your heartbeat!

Why this design?

One of many ideas I had to spice up a simple watchface by adding a cool animation.


Personal is what it says it is: personal. Customize it to show your name and watch it greet you at different parts of the day - with a beautiful design and lots of settings.

Why this design?

Another early watchface for the newly released Pebble Time showing off nicely the displays color capability.

Looks beautiful on the watch!

Simplified Analogue

Based off of a community request - Simplified Analogue brings simplicity and classiness together while still being very customizable!

Why this design?

The Pebble community asked for a simple analogue watchface and while we did not simply wanted to add another watchface with hour and minute arms, this is what I came up with.


Kids of the 80s know exactly what this is ;) The hero of our childhood is back!

Have a "voice box" right on your wrist with a talking animation when the time changes. On the lefthand side you see the date and on the opposite the remaining battery.

Why this design?

A smartwatch always reminds me of by favorite TV-series when I was a kid and the versions out there were not very pleasant. So I decided to fix this.


We have not decided on the final name for this face but so far have called it "Fireball". The ball grows like a swoosh as the hour goes by and starts all over again once the next hour started. Every minute it grows a bit more by first shrinking back to its origin and then coming back having grown slightly. It will bring your Pebble Time to life! The green swoosh going in the exact opposite direction is the battery-indicator…shrinking as your battery goes flat. You will have options to choose the colour of both swooshes and much more!

Why this design?

One of the faces designed for our very first kickstarter campaign.

I was looking for a new way of displaying parts of the time as well as the battery.


A very simple yet very stylish face displaying nothing but the time and date (and optionally the battery). There are quite a few settings here as well!

Why this design?

Many of the available watchfaces are too bright for business use, so this watchface was designed.


Our take on a watchface with two timezones giving you many personalizing options too! The inner circle shows the time for the first timezone (in the above example for Philipp’s timezone) and the outer one stands for the second timezone (Edwin, in the above example).

You can choose your own timezone and give both of them a name and a colour of your choice.

Why this design?

There are not many usable timezone watchfaces available and this is my take on the topic trying to add all the features necessary while still making it look good.


Slot Machine is an original face which emulates the style of an actual slot machine - watch the numbers of hours, minutes and seconds pass by with awesome animations as time progresses. With some awesome settings as well.

Why this design?

One of my first watchfaces / watchface ideas reminding me of a slot machine in casinos.

Circle Inception

Another kind of speedometer where we tried to put as much information as possible in. The top shows you the minutes, the bottom the hours and on the righthand side you see whether your Pebble is connected to your phone or not. The yellow circle displays the remaining battery capacity and in the very centre you have the day as well as the date.

Why this design?

My attempt of displaying the time in yet another unconventional way.

Pebble watchfaces (black & white)

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RLR (Ruler) is a stylish, functional, and beautiful watchface. It has settings, such as BT [dis/re]connect alert, theme, batterybar style, and more. Not only that, but it also includes some awesome transition animations in the style of an old radio.

Why this design?

Our very first proper watchface displaying the time in a rather unusual way.


SCATTER is a unique watchface with lots of settings, absolutely stunning animations, and an amazing design. The more minutes have past, the more circles there are! The more hours that have past, the more squares.

Why this design?

A watchface which represents my thoughts of a watchface perfectly:

My main aim always is to display the time so the user does not need to stop whatever he's doing and stare at the watch for a while until he figured out what time it is.

The background dots are just a fun way of always having something going on in the background, making the watchface never look the same.


BLKS is a minimalist, animated, and beautiful watchface with a couple extra features such as battery bar and bluetooth connection indicator. Shake to view the date. 12/24 hour support provided.

Reason for designing / developing

My take on a very basic and nicely big number watchface.


CARDS is a highly customizable, data filled, and beautiful watchface. This watchface is sure to please the eye. It has many features, such asw eather, battery/bluetooth, notes (that you make yourself!), card reordering and more!

Shake your wrist to change cards.

Why this design?

We wanted to come up with something entirely new / fresh while still looking great.

Windows Mobile Homescreens

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A nice and very colorful homescreen which changes its background when you scroll up or down revealing the corresponding information.

Windows Mobile Homescreen #2

I can't remember this one's name. It has a nice highlighting effect as you scroll up or down.

Let's Communicate

This one I remember quite well! It shows you all the important information at a glance. All wrapped up in a nice layout and with nice highlighting effects.

Free Landscape

Another layout which looks awesome on your display! It gives you the feeling of freedom and serves you with all the necessary information packed with nice highlighting effects.

Black Beauty

A homescreen with a dreamy landscape. As always put together with nice highlighting effects.

Windows Mobile Homescreen #6

Another homescreen where I don't really remember its name. It features a nice slide-out animation / highlighting effect and displays all your necessary data.


Being a kid of the 80s I loved KnightRider and the car named K.I.T.T. This homescreens resembles its famous scanner light and some nice highlighting / revealing effects.


A personal homescreen displaying your name as well as many other important information. All wrapped up in a nice slide-out animation and nice hightlighting effects.


A very dark homescreen with funny smiley-icons featuring a nice highlighting effect as you scroll up or down.

Windows Mobile Homescreen #10

Sadly another stranger I can't recall its name. This is one of the screens that got me some freelance work for Microsoft. That I remember still!

Windows Mobile Homescreen #11

Another one I can't recall the name for but remember that Microsoft loved it!

FACADE MultiOrientation

All I remember about this one is that the pink plugin was a very capable plugin called FACADE allowing you to have all your favorite contacts right on your homescreen giving you the option to write or call them quickly. Very nice stuff! Furthermore this homescreen worked on both orientations (portrait and landscape).


Same here: New capable plugin allowing you to set an alarm, activate or deactivate WiFi and set your profile. Great plugin!

Windows Mobile Homescreen #14

Another new plugin where you could browse your music library right on your homescreen and play back the music selected. Looks great with the covers of the albums right there on your homescreen!

Windows Mobile Homescreen #16

This was a real beauty on silver / gray devices with its blue colors and the Windows Mobile logo. I love it!


This is a feature overload of a homescreen! Showing you all kinds of information hence I tried to still wrap it all up nicely without knocking you out over the sheer amount of information.


A slightly different style to the previous homescreen.

Personal Digital Assistant

Another business compatible homescreen where I tried to wrap it all up nicely giving you all the important information at a glance.


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Lignite Music iOS app

My / our approach to a very capable and easy to use music player for iOS. Solving all the issues I personally had with any other music app.

Settingspages for Pebble Watchfaces

User-friendly settingspages for each and every of our Lignite watchfaces coupled with a purchase-functionality using PayPal.

iOS app for Lignite Watchfaces

Easily browsable iOS (and Android!) app for all our watchfaces. Has been replaced by the settingspages found in the slide before.

GUI-Revamp for Windows Mobile Smartphones

This was my take at a nice new and fresh GUI for Windows Mobile Smartphones in landscape mode which was being developed and then the iPhone happened...

GUI-Revamp for Windows Mobile Smartphones

The same as shown on the previous slide - just in portrait mode.

GUI-Revamp for Windows Mobile Media Player

This was my take on a completely new GUI for the Windows Mobile Media Player which made much more use of the display than the default one.

Theme for Windows Media Player on Pocket PCs

This was a contract work I did for my friend Ray in Singapore.

SAE Advertising Card #1

While studying "webdesign & development" we had the task to put together a card which advertises the SAE institute. My card shown above won me the second place.

SAE Advertising Card #2

My second submission to the school internal contest.

Websites etc.

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The website for our iOS music app called "Lignite Music", showcasing the app.


Our website for Lignite, showing all available watchfaces and some information about us.

iPhibse.ch landingpage

This used to be the landing page of iPhibse.ch up until May 2015.

kleinweder.ch mockup #2

Another one of many mockups I made back in 2007 when I was about to update my previous website kleinweder.ch

kleinweder.ch mockup #3

Same designlanguage, but different style as the previous one.

kleinweder.ch mockup #4

Another of many mockups for the redesign of kleinweder.ch

kleinweder.ch Redesign 2007

Another of many mockups getting closer to what I went with in the end.

kleinweder.ch Redesign 2008

Another of many mockups getting closer to what I went with in the end.

kleinweder.ch 2007

The final layout for my big website overhaul back in 2007 featuring a selfmade CMS, 2 languages and a download section.


Complete website layout for Novosec.com back in 2005.


Complete website layout for Smartphone-web.com back in 2004/05.

Hitz & Partner

Complete website layout for Hitz & Partner back in 2007.


Complete website layout for lifestylers.ch back in 2004.


Complete website layout for SmartFAQ.ch, a website I ran back in 2004/05 with a knowledgebase for Windows Smartphone related questions.

Motorbike Shop Redesign

Complete Redesign of an already existing web presence for a motorbike shop back in 2006.

Interactive Flash CD

Interactive Flash CD for Christina Aguilera fans made in 2006/07.

kleinweder.ch Redesign Mockup

Playing around with CSS and the sorts.

kleinweder.ch 2005

The live layout of kleinweder.ch back in 2005.

kleinweder.ch 2007

The live layout of kleinweder.ch back in 2007 - before the big design- and feature overhaul.

kleinweder.ch Mockup 2007

One of the mockup layouts for the kleinweder.ch-layout in 2007

kleinweder.ch Mockup 2007

One of the mockup layouts for the kleinweder.ch-layout in 2007

Who is this guy and what is he doing?

I can't stand bad design/UI/UX and am quite passionate about it.

For as long as I can remember, I am into design. From quite an early age I started personalizing my stuff and change them to my liking. What started with sketching, I soon moved on to digital once I got my hands on (back in the days) Microsoft PAINT and Paintshop Pro.

Not long thereafter the switch to Photoshop happened and the possibilities seemed infinite.

My main aim initially was to design so-called homescreens for the previously popular Windows Mobile Smartphones. This was the moment I licked blood and I made myself a name in the community releasing over 100 homescreens. This came hand in hand with freelancing work for well-known companies such as HTC, Microsoft, Navigon etc.

My current (technical) passion are the Fitbit and Garmin Smartwatches. The main reason for buying these smartwatches was the fact, that one can design his own watchfaces. It all started with the Pebble Smartwatch back in summer 2014. My interest was woken and it did not take long until I started designing my own watchfaces and putting together layouts for the pebble's 1-bit b/w-display.

It was also the time I met Edwin Finch in the pebble forum and found my "coding counterpart"!

We complement each other perfectly - me designing the faces / coming up with fancy ideas and Edwin bringing them to life.

Our approach is relatively simple: each watchface must be pixelperfect and one of a kind.

This brings me to our first commercial project we worked on together - and still do:

Lignite Watchface Collection

Lignite Watchface Collection

What initially started as a quite successfull kickstarter campaign has now grown to a collection of over 50 different and unique watchfaces and a mindblowingly large userbase.

Visit the Lignite Watchface collection for Fitbit and Garmin now

Should you wish to learn more about my work and what I/we have done and released so far, please see the portfolio above.

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to reach out to me through any of these channels.